The Scholarship System: 6 Steps on How to Win College Scholarships and Secure Financial Aid

The Complete College Planning Infographic

This is a very complete and detailed graphic calendar for students and parents to follow for applying and becoming accepted to college. It also covers student aid and scholarships and when to begin applying for them. It begins with things to do in the 9th grade such as seeing the guidance counselor and getting involved with extracurricular activities. Also it covers how parents should start planning for paying for college if they have not already started a savings fund for it. In 10th grade students prepare by taking the PSAT and look into taking subjects that are covered in the SAT. By the 11th grade, students are a lot more proactive with the steps that need to be taken to get accepted into college and are able to narrow their preferred fields of study. Also they will have taken the SAT and ACT tests to have the scores ready to be sent in with applications. By 12th grade top choice colleges will be chosen for the student’s choice in major and applications can be filled out, sent in, and time to await the acceptance letters.