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Paying for College Part 1: Reducing Your Tuition Bill

So your student is planning on attending college. You're excited, they're excited.. so then comes in the research.

Or perhaps your student is already admitted into college. Again, very exciting! That's such an accomplishment! And then comes the bill...

Next thing you know, you have a gaping hole in your stomach because you realize just how expensive college is going to be.

You ask yourself: Do we settle for loans? Do we choose a more affordable option but that isn't their number one choice? How do we make this as affordable as possible without sacrificing our child's education?

These are all fantastic questions - which is why we are hosting the Paying for College series.

We are going to cover all this and much more so that when the time comes to pay the bill, you have options OTHER THAN getting a bunch of student debt.

This week

Paying for College Part 1: Reducing Your Tuition Bill

As always, we know that scholarships, grants and cash awards are king. They are free monies that can be used to pay your college bill. And the best part is that students can secure enough scholarships, grants and cash awards to have their entire bill paid for plus some! (We've seen it, and we've done it!)

Now what about the other side of the equation? The balance that needs to be covered?

From what I've seen, most families just accept the total cost of college and consider it to be fixed.

They think that what the college tells them is absolutely what they have to pay.

But what if I told you there are alternatives to bring that amount down? 

In this short video, we are going to cover a few ways to reduce your tuition bill so that you can owe less in the first place.

No matter what college or university you are considering, this absolutely applies!

Tweet: Let's talk about #PayingforCollege starting w/ Reducing #Tuition. Check out this video to learn how. #collegebound
Let’s talk about #PayingforCollege starting w/ Reducing #Tuition. Check out this video to learn how. #collegebound

Find out what your family can do to make Paying for College easier and work towards graduating debt free:



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