The Scholarship System: 6 Steps on How to Win College Scholarships and Secure Financial Aid

Paying for College Part 6: Taking Control of Living Expenses

College is near and you're freaking out over the cost. We've been there and deal with it every. single. day. The cost is insane these days! According to Bloomberg, "college tuition and fees have surged 1,120% since records began in 1978."

How is that even possible?

The good thing is that you have us at The Scholarship System to help.

What We Cover

We've talked a lot about the insane cost of tuition and how to reduce it in Part 1 & Part 2. Today, we want to talk about a few other key expenses students and parents have to face when going to college.

But don't worry - we tell you how to cut those expenses down too. :)

In this 5-minute video, we go over the 3 largest expenses students face (aside from tuition). We then talk about quick & easy ways to reduce these expenses.

These next 5 minutes could literally save you and your child over $12,436.56. 

So grab a notebook and let's get started. Click the video above to start watching.


Loan payment calculator:


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