The Scholarship System: 6 Steps on How to Win College Scholarships and Secure Financial Aid

How can I use what you're offering to win scholarships and secure aid/grants?

Right now, we are offering a free 45-minute training on The Scholarship System: 6 Simple Steps on How to Win College Scholarships and Secure Financial Aid. This is a great guide for someone who wants to learn about the process of securing scholarships for college, especially parents who want to help their children secure a debt-free education.

You can grab a spot to our next free training at

For those that would like a more in-depth approach, we also offer an online 6-week Scholarship System Course. You can find out more about that by clicking HERE. This includes step-by-step videos online with workbooks and extra tools that do not come with the book as well as Q&A sessions.

Does this require work?

Yes. If it didn't, everyone would have a free ride!

Is this a get-rich-quick scam?

Absolutely not. The first thing I cover is that the scholarship process is NOT easy. It requires work. Otherwise, everyone would have a free ride! What I am doing is showing you and/or your child everything I learned while going through the process so that you can avoid the road blocks that I ran into. This will make your scholarship process much simpler, faster and more importantly, much more effective, increasing your chances of winning!

Does this really work?

I have helped thousands of people navigate the process but most importantly, I used this system MYSELF! By following my own process, I got paid to go to college. I graduated with zero debt and was actually able to build up some savings on the way! The process is a system. Let me show it to you.

Can I get this for free elsewhere?

Short answer: If you feel like digging and searching, yes.

There are a ton of resources out there to help you find scholarships, write an essay, etc. But you can spend hours, days, MONTHS, navigating the web looking for all this information. That is what I did just a few years ago and that is where I gained a lot of my knowledge along the way. The difference, however, is that The Scholarship System offers you everything you need in ONE place, saving you hundreds of hours of research and tons of trial and error (like I had to do).

Jocelyn (Paonita) Pearson is a recent graduate of the University of South Carolina and author of The Scholarship System: 6 Simple Steps on How to Win Scholarships and Secure Financial Aid. Having left school with absolutely NO DEBT, she is on a mission to help families have a similar experience by using scholarships to reduce or completely eliminate their college bills.  When she is not championing students and families through the scholarship process, she works full-time as a financial analyst.