The Scholarship System: 6 Steps on How to Win College Scholarships and Secure Financial Aid


[Advisors and Educators]


The Bright Side of Student Debt: How to Help Students Avoid Massive Amounts of Student Loans

Students don’t have to sign up for a life of student loans in order to go to college. They can instead find other ways to pay for it starting today!

The key is learning to secure debt-free money instead of letting student loans bury them. While it requires 100 percent ownership by the student, advisors and educators can help jump-start the process by simply sharing the 6 SIMPLE STEPS TO SECURING SCHOLARSHIPS.

Jocelyn has been there and she covers a quick, concise version of the 6 steps to securing scholarships, as well as other ways advisors and educators can help students avoid taking on student loans for college without increasing the load of work on their plates. 

While getting this information to students during their high school years is best, it is never too late and can be applied all the way until senior year in college, meaning this is applicable to COLLEGE advisors and educators as well!


Results & Benefits for Your Group

Advisors and Educators will discover how to:

  • Respond to students' objections on why they 'can't receive scholarships'
  • Show students how scholarships can lead to financial freedom
  • Guide students to secure scholarships in a systematic way
  • Offer alternative strategies so students can reduce, if not completely eliminate, the amount of student loan debt they need

Your group will:

  • Be fully engaged through captivating experiences, visuals, and stories
  • Be passionately challenged to further impact their students' futures
  • Walk out with 6 specific steps to help them secure DEBT-FREE MONEY for college that can be implemented immediately and remembered forever