We are proud to announce our new app and Chrome Extension!

Find. Track. Win.

Simplify the scholarship process with The Scholarship System's App & Chrome Extension.

Available on both Android & iOS

You’ll Be Able To:

Easily master the scholarship process by tracking scholarships you want to apply to.

Never miss a deadline again by receiving reminders before the scholarship is due.

Successfully reach monetary goals by utilizing the App's Dollars Tracker.

Simplify the process by keeping all of your scholarship information in one place without being restricted to outdated databases.

Get Started Now

1. Download the App on your App Store & Create a new login

2. Install the Chrome Extension& log in 

3. View your saved scholarships from our desktop browser version

How to track scholarships

The perfect solution to help students submit scholarships on time.

Learn Exactly How to Use These New Tools With Step-by-Step Instructions

1. How to use these tools to increases your chance of winning scholarships.

2. How to view and edit saved scholarships on your laptop browser.

**Once saved, make sure to open the app on your phone to ensure it is saved in there! This also sets the reminder for you.