Free Live Workshop Series: The Debt-Free Degree Roadmap

A step-by-step plan for families to help their student get their college paid for. 

February 1st-8th

Discover how your child can secure a debt-free degree with less stress and overwhelm in the Debt-Free Degree Workshop! 

This free online training starts February 1st and applies to your family, even if you aren’t low income, your student doesn’t have the perfect GPA or SAT/ACT scores nor is a super-star athlete. 

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The Steps You Need to Minimize the Cost of College & Maximize Your Student’s Debt-Free Money

Paying for college doesn’t have to be scary! Get started on your child's path to a debt-free degree today.  

Join the Workshop and get a head start on paying for college. This applies to families with students as young as in 9th grade all through college-aged years.

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Real People. Real Results.

These everyday families took a chance, said “NO” to student debt, and now enjoy watching their child pursue an education without the stress and burden of student loans.  

The opportunity is limitless. They call the shots.

These are #DebtFreeDegreeFams 

Start your student’s path to a Debt-Free Degree 

Join the FREE LIVE video workshop and discover how to help your child secure a debt-free degree, even if they don’t have the perfect GPA, test scores, aren’t an athlete and your family isn’t low income. 

These trainings will be live in our private Facebook group so you can interact, ask questions and get the guidance your family needs.

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Hi. I’m Jocelyn. Debt-Free Grad, Scholarship Expert, and your family's guide to a Debt-Free Degree.

I’m the founder of the Debt-Free Degree Lab and Scholarship System, a community of people just like you who are turning their student’s path to paying for college into a low stress, debt-free college degree. For the last 3 years, I’ve worked with thousands of families.  

You ready to create a plan which gives your student the freedom to pursue the career they want, without the student loan hangover most graduates have to face? Then you need the RIGHT strategies in the RIGHT order. I’ll share this with you in my free LIVE workshop.  

Save your seat!  

This workshop is value-packed with practical takeaways you can use straight away:

Join me starting February 1st as I share the 1st of 4 lessons in this free LIVE workshop. 

Each training will be LIVE so make sure you register so you can join us.

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Training #1 : Monday, February 1st, 2021 // 3PM ET

Training #2: Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021 // 3PM ET

Training #3: Friday, February 5th, 2021 // 3PM ET

Final Training (+ Recap): Monday, February 8th, 2021 // 1:00pm or 8:00pm ET (choose one)

*Can't attend live? We'll send out the recordings only to those who registered!

Ready to help your student graduate debt-free?


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