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We redefine paying for college to help families build strong financial futures.
You don’t have to figure out paying for college alone. Access top college experts for a fraction of the cost and join other families pursuing a debt-free degree for their child.

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(as of December 2023)

Trying to secure scholarships for college so your child can graduate with as little student loan debt as possible?

Tired of…

  • Not finding scholarships your child is actually eligible for?
  • Not knowing which ones are worth your time and which aren’t?
  • Submitting dozens of scholarships but not hearing back?

You don’t see a way to close the gap between what you can afford and what college actually costs… But you KNOW scholarships could be the answer.

You’ve seen students who secured scholarships so why not your child?

I’m here to tell you scholarships ARE possible and you CAN send them to college without burying them in student loans.



Knowing exactly what steps to take to find the RIGHT scholarships and WIN them.

Your child getting enough scholarships to completely pay for college.

Seeing your student, diploma in hand, stepping into the world - debt-free.

Don't just take our word for it....


Take a Tour Inside The Scholarship System

Your Student's Scholarship Journey: 6 Steps to Secure Scholarships


Step 1: Getting in the Money-Making Mindset

  • 2 Main Reasons People Don’t See Success
  • 3 Limiting Beliefs That Hold Students Back & How to Overcome Them
  • THE 3 Goals to Set to Ensure Success in the Scholarship Process (and College)
  • How to Set Up Goals and Optimize the Process the Right Way
  • How to Find Your Perfect Accountability Buddy & Get The Most of Them
  • Words of Encouragement From Other Students Who Have DONE IT


Step 2: Understanding College Funding 101

  • The TRUE Cost of College
  • 3 Major Expenses During College (Aside from Tuition)
  • Walk-through of the College Cost Calculator & How to Use It
  • 6 Critical Terms to Know Before Signing Any Financial Documents


Step 3: Finding Free Money

  • The Top Places to Find Legitimate Scholarships with Less Competition
  • Using the Google Keyword Connector to Discover 36+ Potential Scholarship Searches in Under 10 Minutes
  • Live Examples of Finding Scholarships Students are Eligible For
  • Bonus Examples With Live Recordings of On-the-Spot Searches for Students


Step 4: Heating Up Your Application

  • 6 Ways to Find New Involvements & Become a Scholarship Winner
  • Getting Involved and Goal-Setting: How to Improve a Resume with Minimal Effort
  • 7 Questions to Ask When Deciding to Get Involved
  • 11 Questions How to Overcome Less-than-Perfect Test Scores
  • Bonus Worksheet: Easily Track of Involvements from 9th Grade to College (and Beyond!)


Step 5: Crushing Scholarship Applications

  • 4 Most Common Mistakes When Applying to Avoid Apps Landing in the Trash
  • 3 Steps to Award-Winning Applications
  • Choosing Your Process: Tips & Tricks to Make it as Easy & Fast as Possible
  • 4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Assessing a Scholarship
  • 5 Main Sections of Applications and How to Automate Filling Them Out
  • How to Write Winning Essays (With Actual Examples)
  • Power Words for Essays – Include These and You’ll Grab the Judges’ Attention
  • BONUS: Mastering Scholarship Showcase Days to Blow Interviewers Out of the Water
  • BONUS: How to Create Winning Video Essays


Step 6: Sealing the Deal to Keep the Money Coming

  • 5 Actions to Do in College to Make Winning Money Even Easier
  • 5 Key Logistics to Make Sure You Get Your Money
  • Thank You Note Outline: Fill in The Blanks for a Perfect Letter
  • Networking to Keep Your Name at the Top of the List Next Year
  • Tax Implications of Scholarships to Minimize Any Taxes


4+ extra-special bonuses

  • An interview with an actual scholarship committee member that chooses winners for over $500k in scholarships per year
  • Interviews with scholarship winners AND examples of scholarship-winning essays
  • Private access to our members-only Facebook group
  • Real-life video examples of us finding scholarships our students are eligible for
  • And even more surprises once you join! :D (I've always loved surprises).
  • More info on bonuses below!

PLUS Our Updated Course:

  • Newly recorded search videos to uncover legitimate scholarships with less competition
  • Newly recorded essay strategies to further simplify writing winning essays
  • Essay structure cheat sheets to provide students frameworks for building essays, rather than having to start from scratch
  • Sentence Starters - think Mad Libs for essays, organized by common essay prompts
  • Merit Scholarships Bonus Lesson to maximize money from universities
  • LIVE Weekly Strategy Sessions for one-on-one, personal advice


Your child deserves to get the education they want and need.

You'll be able to focus on their education (versus stressing over paying the bill).

It’s been done before & you shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Student loans are NOT a requirement for a degree.

Inside The Scholarship System, you’ll receive:

Bite-sized, Implementable Video Trainings so Your Child Can Focus on the Applications

Done-for-you Templates and Cheat Sheets to Help Your Student Secure Scholarships Even Faster

Private Members-Only Support Group to Help You & Your Child Through the Process

Access to Pre-Vetted Scholarships

Scholarship Essay Cheat Sheet to Simplify Essay Writing.

Mobile App and Chrome Extension to Ensure Your Child Meets Deadlines


Hello! My name is Jocelyn Pearson and I founded The Scholarship System. My family was middle income and I was an average student with zero athletic skills.

I never had any idea that I would create a community like this. However, after securing $126,350 in scholarships and graduating debt-free, my friends and family asked me how I did it. While helping them repeat my process, The Scholarship System was born.

Today, we are already helping thousands of students find and qualify for millions of dollars in free scholarships (yes, we’re in the 7-figures now!) This course, The Scholarship System, will accelerate students’ success so we can continue helping families work towards a debt-free education.



How it works

After you register, I’ll send you a secure login to The Scholarship System online portal. Your guide on how to navigate The System is waiting for you when you log in, so you can get started on your journey right away!

You’ll also get immediate access to the AMAZING community of families already inside who are eager to get to know you and support you in your journey. =-)

You’ll get emails from me every time:

  • We hold LIVE Q&As
  • We release new information inside the portal
  • I have something helpful to share with you

And we’ll be in constant communication inside our private community as well.

So if you ever get lost, have a question, or need some love and support - you have a group of people to turn to who “get” you.



(It’s less than your daily Starbucks treat)

One-time Payment

$697 $1297

(Save $600)

  • Updated Course
  • 7 Modules, 30 Key Lessons
  • Streamlined Video & Audio Lessons
  • 15+ Worksheets, Cheat Sheets & Templates to Make Process Interactive & Easy (Including our Google Keyword Matrix to Find 30+ Scholarships FAST)!
  • Built-in Quizzes to Test Your Student's Knowledge
  • 12-Months Access to Program
  • Exclusive Access to Members-only SS Facebook Community
  • Save $600 by Signing Up Before Deadline
  • + NEW Weekly Strategy Sessions with Our Coaches
  • + NEW Bonuses After the Trial: Essay Support by an Ivy League Essay Writer
  • + NEW Bonuses After the Trial: Merit Scholarship (from Colleges)
Start now for only $1

3 Monthly Payments


  • Updated Course
  • 7 Modules, 30 Key Lessons
  • Streamlined Video & Audio Lessons
  • 15+ Worksheets, Cheat Sheets & Templates to Make Process Interactive & Easy (Including our Google Keyword Matrix to Find 30+ Scholarships FAST)!
  • Built-in Quizzes to Test Your Student's Knowledge
  • 12-Months Access to Program
  • Exclusive Access to Members-only SS Facebook Community
  • Break it up into Monthly Payments
  • + NEW Weekly Strategy Sessions with Our Coaches
  • + NEW Bonuses After the Trial: Essay Support by an Ivy League Essay Writer
  • + NEW Bonuses After the Trial: Merit Scholarship (from Colleges)

Don't forget about your bonuses


  • Access to our members-only private Facebook group—AKA a close-knit community of generous, like-minded families who love to support others even more than they love to request help! You don't have to go through this alone. Ask questions, share essays for advice, and so much more. We also celebrate our wins which is inspiring for families!

BONUS #2: Pre-Vetted Scholarships

  • Since we've been doing this a while, we now have scholarship committees that reach out to us when they receive little to no applications. We only share these scholarships with our members so that the competition stays slim! In fact, our members have won one scholarship the last 3 years in a row!

BONUS #3: Scholarship Essay Hot Seats

  • Ever wish you could hear what scholarship committees are looking for in essays? In our Scholarship Essay Hot Seats (which happen a few times per year), we hold a LIVE call where we review essays and explain the recommendations so students can learn from the advice for future essays! This comes with a detailed workbook with our most popular essay tips when reviewing scholarship essays. We also upload replays into the course.

BONUS #4: Scholarship Mobile App & Chrome Extension

  • Tired of finding scholarships but then missing the deadlines? We created an app for that! Share a login with your student and parents can build the list while their student focuses on the applications. This app also will notify your student before the due date - No more missed deadlines or lost scholarships!

EXTRA BONUS: Live Strategy Sessions

  • These live calls are held twice a week and are our opportunity to get help your family! We will discuss resources in the course, strategies for success, and answer any questions you may have. This is your opportunity to fast-track the implementation of The Scholarship System that will give you the quickest results!

But Hurry... These Prices Go Up $600+ In A Few Days. By Joining NOW, You're Locking In Your Low Price!


I Have To Warn You...

You’re about to pursue a path to paying for college that can change your child’s life. And that means it’ll take time.

Make a solid commitment to yourself and your family by joining The Scholarship System… and in only a few months time, I have NO doubt you will look back on this EXACT moment absolutely AMAZED by how far you and your student have come, and how much more confident you will feel.

The best news is it’ll just keep getting better.. and better.. and better.. as your student keeps moving forward towards a debt-free degree.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long do we have access to the course?

You will have access to the course for one year which is plenty of time to go through the materials. At the end of the year, you may realize that you and your child have gained the skills you need. However, if you do decide to renew your membership, it is only $147/year.

Do I have to purchase an additional membership for each child?

No! We understand having multiple children is expensive. This plan is for one family to have access to the course. If you have multiple children and want them each to have their own logins, just email us at [email protected] once you purchase. We have add-ons for additional logins and group access!

What year is best for our family to do The Scholarship System?

In a perfect world, we would have all families begin by junior year of high school and no later. That said, read below if you think it's too late (hint: it is not!).

But as for too early, we'd say the earliest to start The Scholarship System is sophomore year in high school and not earlier. For families with younger students (freshmen and sophomores in high school), you may want to check out Debt-Free Degree Lab which has strategies for younger families (i.e. tax strategies, involvements, etc.) to start working on now.

My child is already in college. Will The Scholarship System help them?

Absolutely! The founder actually used this system to secure tens of thousands of dollars while IN COLLEGE. College students have an advantage because they’ve proven they are actually going through with the degree AND there is less competition. So in short, yes, a college student will absolutely benefit from this program.

How long does it take to complete The Scholarship System?

The beauty of the course is that your child can take as much or as little time as they need. You get 12-months of access so your child can come back to it as many times as they want.

Students generally report they were able to complete the course in 6 to 8 hours. The most successful students continue to implement the system for an hour or two per week throughout their scholastic career. Some schedule it like a regular class. They call it their “FREE MONEY LAB”.

My child is very busy already. How can they handle this program on top of everything else?

We know that students are extremely busy these days. The Scholarship System has pre-created schedules for students to follow so they do not get overwhelmed. The work can be completed in as little as 1-2 hours per week. Additionally, some students prefer a more accelerated path where they knock out much of the content and work in just a few days. For example, holiday breaks are actually a fantastic time for students to do this. Still, we say 25 hours per semester is plenty of time to be able to fully implement The Scholarship System.

What if we have questions throughout the process?

We LOVE questions! There are plenty of ways you can get your questions answered. One of the best ways is to post it in their private members-only Facebook group where we have coaches, scholarship winners, professors and other students who can help. The second is to email us at [email protected]. Either way, you and your child can rest assured knowing that your questions will be answered. . . and quickly.

We have already tried finding scholarships with no luck. How are you going to help?

The Scholarship System has developed a unique process to uncovering hidden scholarships (with less competition.) We will teach your student how to use our method so they can find dozens of scholarships that they are actually eligible for. One of our students found 8 scholarships in only 1 hour using our method (and he wasn’t a believer before we taught him either). We also share a bunch of pre-vetted scholarships in our private members-only Facebook group. While we cannot guarantee any scholarship wins, we provide you with many resources to improve the quality of applications submitted which is a huge step in the right direction!

No risk to you whatsoever.

Not sure it’s for you? We’re ready to prove everything we claim so we offer a risk-free 7-day trial. If the course does not live up to any claims stated here, simply email us to cancel your subscription before the 7th day and you won’t see any future charges.


Access is really important to me. In fact, it's at the heart of almost everything I do, and why so many resources on my site are free.

Can't afford the course? Just click below to request a Pay-What-You-Can spot.

Still Unsure? Listen to our members...

To recap all the incredible resources you get inside The Scholarship System

  • Bite-sized, Implementable Video Trainings so Your Child can Focus on the Applications
  • Done-for-you Templates and Cheat Sheets to Help Your Student Secure Scholarships Even Faster
  • Weekly Live Strategy Sessions (Live calls!)
  • Scholarship Essay Cheat Sheet to Simplify Essay Writing
  • Access to Pre-Vetted Scholarships
  • Private Members-Only Support Group to Help You & Your Child Through the Process
  • Scholarship Mobile App and Chrome Extension to Ensure Your Child Meets Deadlines
  • Stellar Scholarship System Support









Total Value: $6,132*

National Average Scholarship: $2000*

FOR ONLY $697.



*Results may vary