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The Scholarship System has partnered with various organizations over the years.
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The Scholarship System is one of the best resources we have found for a practical, step-by-step, easy to understand process for assisting students and families in securing college scholarships and securing financial aid. Our students and families have told us how much they appreciate this information and our students continue to increase their scholarship earnings. We have already made plans to purchase these books for our juniors each year and to offer the courses to our families.”

Angela L. Hinton, Ed.D

Assistant Superintendent

Spartanburg School District Two


High Schools

With The Scholarship System’s support, we’ve helped districts support their students in securing scholarships. In fact, Spartanburg School District 2 students received some of the highest levels of scholarships in the state! 

Junior Year

We have partnered with high schools to provide bulk orders of our book to Juniors to begin priming them for the scholarship hunt. This work actually should begin junior year! So we don’t want to wait until senior year to get the information to them.

Senior Year

For senior year, high schools opted in for a more intensive, detailed approach by purchasing hundreds of logins to our online course for their Seniors. Now that this has occurred multiple years in a row, the Seniors are already aware of the basics of The Scholarship System teachings from receiving the book in earlier years and are ready to jump in fully with the course at the beginning of their senior year!

We’ve had some high schools and districts purchase logins for every student while others purchased a specific number of logins and had an application process to select students and families that are truly interested in the materials. This information was shared with parents to ensure they utilized the investment!

Bulk discounts are available based on the quantity of log-ins and/or books purchased.

Scholarships can be a very daunting task. The Scholarship System has been extremely instrumental in the process for our families. This time, we have a concrete method that works that we can share with them. We can say, “This is the process and, if you work it, it will work for you.” It has been so popular that many of our students have heard about it and are asking when we’re doing it again. It has caught on!

Marietta Evans, NBCT

Director of Guidance

Senior Counselor

Boiling Springs High School

Universities and Colleges

Did you know one of the main reasons for dropping out is affordability? 

Imagine if you could assist your students in finding debt-free funding to help pay the bill?

Incoming Freshmen

Similar to high schools, we’ve had universities like South Carolina State University purchase logins for a large amount of incoming freshmen to help alleviate this stressor for students and improve their retention rate.


Optional training can be provided for educators and/or counselors so they know how to guide students through utilizing the program. This is great for a “University 101” or “Finance 101” course.

We can also provide statistics on usage so you can incentivize students for completion.

Independent Education Consultants (IECs) and Financial Planners

Scholarships are a massive topic that many consultants and financial planners know is beneficial but never have the time, nor expertise, to cover with their clients.

That’s where The Scholarship System comes in! Leave it to the experts.

We have specialized in securing scholarships for college for over a decade. We know the nitty gritty details every family needs to learn. By providing a proven system to your clients, you can trust they are working on an important aspect of the college process while you focus on your specialty and zone of genius.

Partner with us in different ways:

  • Affiliate Partnerships
  • Coupon Codes
  • Bulk Discounts
  • Wholesale Discounts

One example is with FMC College Funding Solutions. They wholesale purchased log ins for their clients while including the “cost” in their higher priced offering. Another example is where financial advisors have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients and therefore passed on what they would have received in commissions as a discount to their clients instead!

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See what our clients say.

Marietta Evans, High School Counselor

"Thank you Scholarship System and Debt-Free Degree Lab. Without you my daughter wouldn't have $25,750 in scholarships for her fall 2022 freshman year and $94,000 for 4 years. That is just what she has won so far in 8 months. She isn't stopping!"

- Monique, parent

"My daughter won a Wings Over America scholarship $20,000 over 4 years. Wouldn’t have found that one without the strategies here. She also won Catholic Life All American Scholar award for $1000. We have a BUNCH we are still waiting to hear about. I cannot tell you how this course has changed my thinking. How I wish I had found y’all before kid #3!"

- Janice, parent

"I have been a member for a year and a half and have learned so much. My oldest daughter just finished freshman year with a refund check each semester and my youngest is entering college this fall (at a more expensive private university) and she is about $5000 away from covering freshman year out of $50,000."

- Tracy, parent