The Scholarship System: 6 Steps on How to Win College Scholarships and Secure Financial Aid

How Grants and Scholarships Help Needy Students to Complete Higher Studies


How can grants and scholarships help needy students to complete higher studies?

These days, educational costs are sky high and simultaneously the unemployment level are rising. As a result, very few students are able to fund their college costs. The parents are equally not able to fund their kid’s higher education as they're going through lack of cash flow. 
Parents are gradually finding it impossible to make ends meet. However, student loans are an option for funding education costs. But, the lack of employment opportunities can make the student loan debt more stressful.

However, grants and scholarships are helpful for a student to pursue education and not leave it midway. Remember, student loans are slightly different from the grants as they have to be repaid, unlike the grants. If you’re unaware of the various grants that are available for the US students, then you must read this article to know about the various grants that you may qualify for.

Federal grants

The federal government is trying to help needy college students who can’t finance their higher education. The Child Left Behind Act has much of the impetus behind it. Due to this money, there is a sharp increase in the number of people who are now being able to complete their diploma and graduation degrees. More students are getting educated with the help of the federal grants. The Pell grant and the National Science and Mathematics Access to Retail Talent Grant (SMART Grant) are some of the most common federal grants in the US.

How do you receive federal grants? Well, the first step is to submit FAFSA. In the article linked below, we give you a quick breakdown on FAFSA: 

State grants

There are many state grant programs that are given by the various states in the US. These are based on the financial need, academic merit, and even the area. Michigan’s grant programs are tailored to meet the financial needs of cross-section students, including low-income, undergraduates, and even non-traditional adult students. The Office of Student Financial Assistance in Florida administers a wide range of educational grants for the disabled, Hispanics, disadvantaged and academically talented students.

Minority grants

The percentage of minorities who have graduated with a four-year degree has risen sharply. The survey revealed that an increasingly large number of African Americans are in college and completing their graduation than ever before. The Historically Black Colleges and University in the US are now offering programs to help students who need financial support to complete higher education.. They’re administering scholarships and grants just like most other universities and grants.

How to grab a scholarship online

You can get scholarships through online based on various criteria like that of merit, need or other student-specific factors. These tips will guide you to improve your chances to get an online scholarship.

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1. Search, search and search

You need to search on the Internet to get a scholarship that suits your specifications. You may need to send multiple applications every day to get a scholarship.

2. Check the eligibility criteria

You must check the eligibility criteria for the educational scholarship to know whether or not you qualify. Don’t provide incorrect information while applying.

3. Avoid mistakes

Be careful while filling your application. Check carefully to ensure that you have not missed out anything. Use simple language while writing the application.

4. Prepare yourself

Most of the scholarship programs arrange an examination for the candidates. You have to submit an essay or a write-up. So, you need to practice of writing and possess a good knowledge to grab the scholarship. Try to be updated so that you can write on the required topic. 

5. Be alert always

There is a proverb that an early bird catches the worm. You must send your application within the time to grab the opportunity.

6. Think positively

Don’t lose hope if your application gets rejected or you don’t qualify for any of the online scholarships. There is always time for many more, and over time, you’ll definitely be able to pursue your education with a scholarship opportunity. 

7. Search for free scholarships

There are several free online scholarships that you can start with. Try for those, since they usually require less information, thus making it easy for you to apply.

One thing you want to be aware of, however, is How to Tell if a Scholarship is a SCAM or Not. Check out our article here so you don't get sucked in my scams!

Final thoughts

However, getting grants or online scholarship is not an easy task. It requires effort. But, with determination and consistent effort, you can get the scholarship to complete your education. If you’re unable to land up with any scholarships for your education, then you can get the help of financial aid counselors anytime. 


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